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Who is Rea Strawhill?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Some of you may already know me in personal life or from my instagram page.

Maybe some of you don't know me at all!

In any case- I would like to welcome you all to this little place and thank you for visiting.

I am Rea and as you might already know, I am suffering from a chronic illness called CFS or ME. Many people haven't ever heard of this illness, not even some doctors. I heard about this illness for the first time a little before I got diagnosed. As you can imagine, life is a little bit weird when you suffer from something many people have no idea exists.

"But Rea, why did you start a blog?", some of you might ask.

The answer is: I wanted to blog since a long time. But I never had the courage, the energy or the motivation to finally do it. Being ill already is kind of a full-time job. I wasn't sure if I could do it justice.

I've been posting on instagram since a few months now and I love the little community I have over there. I love photography and writing little posts about what's going on in my life, what I'm thinking or what I might be struggling with. To me, instagram was such an amazing tool to express myself over the last months and I still love it.

But something that instagram isn't really right for, is long posts. And that's ok!

Instagram allows you to get informed about something in a short, quick way and that's definitely positive!

But sometimes I had the longing to write longer posts where I could go more in detail, to express myself even better.

Writing was always an important tool for me to express my thoughts and emotions and every once in a while I kept a diary of all of it. At some point I thought that I could evolve this diary and transfer it to an open space where I could share it with other people.

And now, here we are and this little page is born.

I can't say how this is going to evolve, but I am very excited to go on this journey.

My goal is that more people will know about ME/CFS. I want to live in a world, where I don't have to explain my illness every time I see a new doctor, a new physiotherapist or any person at all. The more people open up and talk about it, the closer we get to this.

So I'm trying to do my part in making this illness better known by sharing my story.

So, have you heard about #mecfs before?

Feel free to share your story with me!

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